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WUTAN Tai Chi Chuan
by Dan Docherty, Cheng Kam Yan, et al. | 17 Jun 2010

The book then describes the practice of Tai Chi Chuan which includes more than 500 pictures of the Hand Form as demonstrated by Sifu CHENG. From there we move on to the strategy and tactics which form the basis of the application of the self-defence techniques and the practical training necessary to gain proficiency in this application.

Tai Chi Chuan: Decoding the Classics for the Modern Martial Artist
by Dan Docherty | 30 Mar 2009

Tai Chi Chuan – Decoding the Classics for the Modern Martial Artist is the first book in English to provide a detailed, illustrated explanation of the Tai Chi Chuan Classics, the Classic of Boxing and the Tai Chi Diagram Explanation. The aim of this remarkable book is to enable the reader to ‘do’ the Classics and incorporate them into everyday martial arts practice.

Complete Tai Chi Chuan
by Dan Docherty

Complete Tai Chi Chuan is the first book in English to deal extensively with the concepts of ‘inside the door’ training and the inner art, including therapeutic and martial aspects of Taoist internal alchemy. Drawing on original historical research, the author identifies the links between the art and Chinese philosophy. Fully illustrated throughout, the book includes history, theory and philosophy, hand form, practical training, inside the door training techniques, working with weapons and competition.

The Tai Chi Bible: The definitive guide to decoding the Tai Chi form (Godsfield Bibles)
by Dan Docherty

Dan Docherty presents practical Tai Chi Chuan – the most common Tai Chi techniques – and explains them with reference to the Ming dynasty book The Classic of Boxing and to Chinese myth and legend.
Beginners benefit from practising the postures, while advanced practitioners will gain greater insight into their regular practice.
From his experience of teaching Chinese concepts to thousands of students throughout the world over a great many years, the author gives down-to-earth advice that will be of use to novice and adept alike.

The Complete Tai Chi Tutor: A structured course to achieve professional expertise
by Dan Docherty

Dan Docherty’s The Complete Tai Chi Tutor leads you on a spiritual journey towards understanding the key principles and history of the art of Tai Chi.

It investigates what is known and unknown concerning the origins and history of Tai Chi, from the ancient texts of Chinese civilization to the 21st century, and explores some key questions on the way. Docherty considers the practicalities of teaching, reviewing the fundamentals and benefits of practice, and demonstrates some highly efficacious but little-known drills, as well as fundamental, practise and key Long Form techniques. In addition, he explores the martial and self-defence application of some of the fundamental techniques. Finally, Docherty offers guidance on becoming a Tai Chi instructor and explores areas of tuition, competitions and styles.
This illustrated guide offers you sequential directions on key techniques, such as Single Whip, Vanguard Arms and Seven Stars, with descriptions on how to do major form techniques. Moves are clearly demonstrated through the use of step-by-step photography and text. Whether you have some Tai Chi knowledge or if you are looking to become an advanced practitioner, this guide will take your practice to the next level.

Wild Colonial Boy: Tales of a Kung Fu Cop
by Dan Docherty

This autobiographical novel narrates the journey of Dan Docherty, a young Glasgow law graduate and karate black belt, who left his traditional Catholic family in 1975 to serve in the notoriously corrupt Royal Hong Kong Police.

In Hong Kong, he learned the Chinese language intensively, then drill, musketry and law. A famous Tai Chi master accepted him as a disciple and trained him to become an international full contact champion.

In this book, we’ll have a few beers with colourful characters like Big Don and Mountie Dave. We’ll visit exotic locales—Manila, Macao, Singapore… We’ll witness Dan in full contact competition and in street fight action. As they say in the Hong Kong Police, “If you can’t take a joke, you shouldn’t have joined.”

The Qigong Bible (Godsfield Bibles)
by Katherine Allen

The ancient art of Qigong, the “seed of martial arts”, not only allows you to maintain your health but also heals the body and calms the minds of those who practice it. Featuring 300 photographs from the main schools of Qigong, The Qigong Bible is the ultimate, comprehensive guide to practising Qigong and finding a mental and physical balance in life, encouraging readers of all levels to make Qigong a part of their everyday life.