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West Lothian Tai Chi Chuan

Practical Tai Chi Chuan Forms, Pushing Hands and Applications

 I will try to collect links to as many useful videos on our style as I can. This page will be continuously evolving.

Wudang France – Ladan Niayesh 

The best source for videos on YouTube is Wudang France thanks to Ladan Niayesh , I suggest that you subscribe to that channel.
Here are the key videos :-

Hand Form
Short Form Square
Short Form Round
Advanced Short Form Square
Advanced Short Form RoundAlternative
Long Form Square
Long Form 1st-3rd Section Round
Long Form 4th-6th Section Round
SwordMattias Nyrell
Spear, Paul Silfverstrale

Paul SilfverstrÃ¥le – A tremendous source for applications and pushing hands

Seminar clips

Practical Tai Chi Chuan Denmark – Torben Rif – Applications and forms

Sword Applications
Hand Form Applications

Chinese Boxing Club – Geert Van Loo – Applications and fighting – Mattias Nyrell – Sword Sparring

Mattias has spent years developing and promoting sword sparring for our style. 
Nine Palace Step Jian Drill
Free Sparring
Dan Docherty Sword Sequence

Online Tai Chi Chuan – Wim Demeere – Online learning

Wim has many videos on youtube, but the biggest thing he offers is a complete online training course for tai chi chuan.